IWA Inc. custom made Slide charts and Wheel charts

We develop and manufacture custom made Slide Charts and Data Wheel Charts as efficient instruments for marketing technical products.
Complex information about your product presented direct and in an easily understood manner.
Send us your ideas and we will help make a design and offer a free quote to suite your needs.
We can even send you a sample upon request.
The following product categories show some of the 10,000+ designs we have done in the past.

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Slide Charts for Medical and pharmaceutical

Slide Charts and Wheel Charts have become innovative and highly effective tools for marketing pharmaceutical products. With many years of working closely together with medical technology, IWA has a comprehensive expertise in developing and producing Data Slides for the pharmaceutical industry.
Wheel Charts for calculating body mass index (BMI), calorie calculators, Slide Charts for body surface area, heart attack risk calculators and ECG rulers.
IWA also produces Wheel Charts for pregnancy calculations for use by gynaecologists. Dosage Calculators for dispensing medications such insulin and analgesics, Slide Charts to calculate Creatinine Clearance (Cockcroft method) ...

Slide Charts for Air conditioning

Working together with the domestic and building management sectors for many years, IWA has an extensive pool of experience and has developed a number of novel solutions in this area.
Slide Charts for calculating the consumption of heating oil, heat requirements and thermal insulation, energy savings in heating installations (energy pass), potable water circulation, as well as exhaust gas losses and hydraulic balancing, refrigeration capacity, refrigerants, refrigeration plants and liquids, gases, vapours as well as thermostatic valves, fittings, mixers, radiators, and ventilation ducts ...

Slide Rulers for Electronics und Pneumatics

Complex information about their products presented in a concise, precise, and easily understood manner.
IWA supports these sectors in the marketing of highly technical products and concepts which need clear explanation.
Slide Charts and Wheel Charts for pumps and condensers, for heating elements, cable ducts, plug-in connectors for hydraulics, switchgear, electric motors and gear motors are all also part of IWA knowledge and competence ...

Slide Charts for Machines and tools

Many years of experience with manufacturing industries means that IWA has a wealth of knowledge in developing and producing Slide Charts and Wheel Charts in these fields.
Slide Charts for machine capacity, machining times, cutting speeds, cutting data, Wheel Charts for speeds, diameter and surface area calculations.
In the textile sector for example IWA has experience in the following areas: spinning speeds, tambour frames, stitch calculators, sewing thread usage, needle hole density, yarn number converter, knitting assessment. Type selection for tooling, hard alloy tools, grinding wheels, hardness comparison charts, saws, milling. drilling, deep drilling are all within the IWA scope of expertise ...

Slide Calculator for Steel Bars and Alloys

Many years in the metal working sectors has led to IWA to having wide experience in developing and producing Slide Charts and Wheel Charts in this area.
Data Slides for steel bar and strip, coil, steel sections, profiles, stainless steel, brass, stainless steel pipe, as well as Slide Charts for steel weights, steel sections, aluminium profiles, bras profiles, copper profiles, weights raw weights and hardness grades. The manufacture of Data Wheel Charts and Slide Charts for gas shielded arc welding, electric welding, welding data for oxyacetylene welding, alloy guides also belong among many others to IWA area of expertise.

Slide Rule for Banks and Insurance

Banks and insurance offer IWA the opportunity to apply slide charts and wheel charts to a wide range of topics.
Slide Charts and Wheel Charts for calculating private old age pensions for example. Customers can be shown in a clear memorable way a simple path through complex information which makes it attractive to them and easy to understand.

Slide Charts and Wheel Charts for Sport

Handy information carriers to take along to any sporting event.
As a match planner for large tournaments, a game plan for home and away for football, ice hockey or rugby leagues. As a tour planner for Formula 1, golf, sailing events...
The "Matchcard" was developed for the World Cup in Football in 2010 and represents a great success and a good example of the IWA slide chart (Card Slider) versatility. It was sold with other fan articles directly in the fan shops.

Milled templates and gauges

In many industries measuring, planning and organizing is part of the selling process. Very often, the application of a product needs evaluation and calculating of measurements. For this need, we design and manufacture precision instruments and tools your customer will keep and remember. Despite their tremendous benefit, these rulers and gauges won't explode your advertising budget!
Tactical templates for the military needs, templates for navigation in the air, on the ground and in the water, gauges to adjust heating valves, chain wear gauges, electronic templates, ECG and ENG rulers, angle gauges, drawing templates for kitchen, bath and office ...

Professional engineering development and design

We can help give your sales efforts more attention, better understanding and a higher level of persuasion.
Along with your message, the communication tool must represent your image in the market place. All IWA products are created as functional and precise instruments.
Development, design and manufacture are subject to the strict criterion of our QA-System according to the ISO 9001:2015 standards. With the use of high quality materials, printing and production technology, we offer our unique quality-standard.
We offer what no else can - absolute quality at the competitive pricing you need.

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You have questions?

Tell us what you need and ask for a free quotation and sample.
Out of our archive with more than 10.000 samples, we will find something that fits what you want or use one as a base to build your project.

This is how we develop our products:
Send us your requirements, ideas,designs, and pictures. In case calculations are needed, the formulas or Excel tables are required. Send us a example calculation with the smallest and highest value. Out of all the information, we will prepare a first free design and a quotation for you.

Starting with a minimum quantity of 1000 pieces, we manufacture custom made Slide Charts or Data Wheel Charts with high quality plastic materials.
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